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How Often Do My Pearls Need to be Restrung?

Posted on Thursday, June 6th, 2019 at 4:56 pm by Pamela

Imagine this, you’re out and about when your necklace breaks and you watch your precious pearls scatter all over the floor. One way to avoid this dreaded situation is to get your pearls restrung as needed. We’re going to give some tips on what to look for when your pearl necklaces and bracelets need to be restrung.

Origin of Pearls
Pearls are a delicate, organic treasure from mother nature. Natural pearls are formed when something gets into a mollusk and irritates it, usually a parasite or grain of sand. In defense, the mollusk will form layer upon layer of “nacre” until a beautiful lustrous pearl is formed.

How often your pearls should be restrung depends a lot on how often you wear them and the quality of the thread and restringing. Here at Les Olson Jewelers, we usually string pearls onto high quality silk. Some people have their pearls strung onto cotton, fishing line and other materials. High quality silk will last longer than other types of thread and is gentle on the pearls. Here at Les Olson Jewelers, when restringing pearls, we knot each individual pearl onto the thread so if your pearl necklace or bracelet breaks, your pearls will stay intact on the thread. Small pearls need a two-strand thread and larger pearls need a 3 or 4-strand thread. Our expert jeweler at Les Olson Recommends getting your pearls restrung every 3 years and bringing them into a trusted jeweler to be checked and cleaned annually.

When to Restring
• Dirty thread or pearls
• Fuzzy knots – knots that appear fuzzy like wool may be a sign that the thread is weakening, and the thread may soon break.
• Uneven gaps – can be a sign that your thread is stretched out in certain places and wearing thin.
• Discolored or dull pearls – sometimes the natural nacre on pearls has deteriorated due to perfumes, creams or other chemicals and sometimes pearls just need a thorough cleaning. Your local jeweler can safely clean your pearls so that they’re looking shiny and fresh again.

The cost of getting your pearls restrung may vary depending on the jeweler’s experience, length of your necklace and the materials being used in the process. We charge anywhere from $75 to $150 (depending on how many pearls there are). One thing we always recommend to our customers is bead cups/end fastners, which are $30 and offer additional security for your pearls. To speak to one of our expert jewelers about the condition of your pearls or to inquire about getting them restrung in our studio, please stop in or call 727-785-9624.