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Insurance Jewelry Appraisal Appointment

Jewelry Appraisal in Palm Harbor, FL

While your jewelry is priceless to you, it's important to remember that the value of the precious metal and gems that comprise your fine jewelry is constantly changing due to market conditions. Gold, for instance, has seen its value double over the past ten years.

Accurate appraisals are important as your insurance compny will refer to the appraisal document to settle a claim. An outdated appraisal will likely result in you being under-insured and that could cost your thousands.

Whether it's an engagement ring you wear every day or a piece you've just inherited from your grandmother's estate, we're ready to appraise your piece for your security and peace of mind.

Jewelry Appraisal In Palm Harbor Florida


Tell us what time you would like to set up your appraisal appointment. We will call or text to confirm the appointment with you. The appointment is not set in stone until we've called or texted you.

Please list how many pieces you will be bringing in to get evaluated. Each piece can take a half hour to be reviewed. Your appraisal paperwork will be mailed approximately to you in two weeks. Appointments start at $75 for the first item and are $60 for each additional item. Prices are subject to change for stones over 2 carats.

Please call us if you have any questions! Our number: (727) 785-9624

We look forward to helping you, thank you!

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