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Tips for SELLING Jewlery

Posted on Thursday, August 18th, 2011 at 12:07 pm by Pamela

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You've got something you don't want. Or, you've got something you can live without because you need the money. Where do you go? Who do you talk to? How do you get the most money for what you have to sell especially when you don't know what your jewelry is worth!! This is when you really have to find someone to trust. And that can be difficult if you don't already know a trustworthy jeweler or know someone else who knows one.

There's a commercial on television that says to ask a neighbor for a good recommendation for a plumber. That can work for a jeweler too. But, if you don't have a good neighbor, let me introduce you to an American Gem Society jeweler. And, here are a few questions you can ask to find out if selling your jewelry is a good idea: What can I hope to get for this? You may have seen a similar item in a store; however, resale value is going to be a lot less than a current retail price. Why is the offer so much less than what I paid a few years ago? Consider this: jewelers want to sell jewelry not buy it, so the offer is going to be less than they can sell it for. Also, jewelers have relationships with established suppliers, so to justify spending additional dollars; they want to pay less than they would pay their suppliers. Will I get more from another jeweler?

Some jewelers offer a trade-in value for jewelry which is higher than a cash offer, but you must choose another item from the store. You don't get any cash. How do I know the offer is fair? Take the item to a certified appraiser first. This will cost money, but you will have a complete description of your jewelry along with a value. The appraiser can even provide multiple values replacement value and what you can expect when selling it. In some instances, you may want to sell it to a friend or through an internet seller. This appraisal will help substantiate the asking price.