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December is the Month for Turquoise Jewelry!

Posted on Thursday, December 6th, 2018 at 4:54 pm by Pamela

It’s a good bet to say that most people have not only heard of turquoise, but have seen it many times. For many, it’s probably best known as the “jewelry of the Southwest” thanks to a whole bunch of movies and a ton of shops you can easily find in the region.

Turquoise Jewelry Is Much More Than "Southwest"

While much of the history and usage of turquoise jewelry has labeled it as something akin to an American culture item (dare we say icon?), the truth is that this gemstone's reach has always represented more than that.  Let’s explore some facts about turquoise jewelry and the gemstone itself - some of which you may be aware of and some that will probably surprise you.

Designed Birthstone for December

Each month has its own designated gemstone, and for December, that stone is turquoise. This allows jewelry fans to end the year off right by selecting a unique piece of turquoise jewelry for themselves or for loved ones to enjoy for generations to come.  If someone you know has a birthday this month, you certainly can't go wrong with custom turquoise jewelry.

Rich Native American History

If there’s one fact that most people probably know about turquoise jewelry, it’s that it has a rich Native American history. To be more specific, it has roots with the Navajo in the Southwest United States. However, it has not simply been adopted by the Navajo as an attractive gemstone to wear. It has actually been integrated into their culture by using it in rituals, ceremonies, and daily life. 

Brings Good Fortune and Good Health 

The use of this unique gemstone has been around for thousands of years, but not only as an attractive piece of turquoise jewelry, but as a way to bring the person good health, good fortune, and protection from evil. Yes, you read that right - for many years, it has been believed that this gemstone will ward off evil, whether you believe in spirits or simply bad vibes. We’re not saying that it will prevent your boss from visiting your desk with more work for you to do - but it certainly won’t hurt!

Its Unique Design Helps It Stand Out

When you ask most people the color of turquoise jewelry, you probably receive the most obvious answer - well, it’s turquoise, of course! While that’s true, most pieces of this semi-rare gemstone include a gray and gold spiderweb-like design that helps each piece stand out. There are so many different variations of turquoise jewelry, in fact, perhaps we should start calling them the snowflakes of the gemstone world. Look at a collection of turquoise jewelry and you’ll see that the designs will often greatly differ.

The Only Gemstone That’s “Alive" 

When we say that turquoise is alive, we don’t mean that literally. What we mean is that it acts as the world’s only living mineral because it changes color depending on the environment, the wearer’s skin acidity, light, and dust. This is one reason why turquoise has been viewed by many around the world as possessing some sort of mystical properties. This is yet another reason why customized turquoise jewelry and the gemstone itself have remained popular for such a long time. 

Everyone Loves Getting Custom Jewelry for Christmas

December is the traditional month of the year known for family, friends, and gifts. There are many special people in your lives that wear jewelry and if they don’t already have a turquoise piece or two in their collection, Christmas is the perfect time to give them something special to add to it. If they already have a few pieces of turquoise jewelry, they certainly won’t mind a customized design.

Gemstone for the 11th Wedding Anniversary

As most people are aware, a different stone is selected every year to help a married couple celebrate their anniversary. Once they’ve reached the 11th year milestone, the chosen gemstone is none other than turquoise. So, if you see a married couple walking around wearing turquoise jewelry, this could definitely signify a long-lasting relationship. And on the flip side of the aisle, so to speak, it gives the married couple a great conversation starter.

Turquoise Doesn’t Get Its Name from Its Color 

Here’s something a lot of people don’t seem to realize - although turquoise is a color, this is not where the gemstone gets its name. Rather, the color adopted its moniker from the stone itself. So, where did its name originally come from? The word “turquoise” derives from an Old French word often given to Turkish traders who had first brought the gemstone to Europe. 

Fits All Budget Levels

Another great thing about turquoise is that despite its status as being a semi-rare gemstone, it is so extremely versatile that turquoise jewelry can be developed to fit any budget. These include stones with a spiderweb-like design and those that have been cut to be pure turquoise in color. They can also be fashioned to fit into the small space of a ring or even as a large ornament on a belt buckle. 

If you’re searching for a beautiful piece of turquoise jewelry or any other type of gemstone, the consummate professionals at Les Olson Jewelers can help. Our team has years of experience as custom jewelers. You can learn more about turquoise and other gemstones with our gemstone guide or can go to our jewelry care to make sure it is always looking good.  

  Reach out to us and we’ll help you select the perfect piece of jewelry for a loved one in your life.